Juli Briskman

Nasrin helped me focus on my goals in a loving and gentle way.  I have taken away several real-world tactics from my experience that I use nearly every day to improve my self-love and confidence.  She also a natural when it comes to guided meditation.  I highly recommend working with Nasrin.

Rebecca Wasyk

Nas has a warm, caring personality that made it easy for me to talk to her even though I was going through a difficult time in my life. Nas provided many insights, but more importantly provided me with practical action plans for dealing with situations that I struggled with in the past. As I put these plans into action, I developed a much clearer sense of purpose and more happiness in my life.

Beth Moura

I was very benefited with the sessions with Nasrin Barbic and I indicate them to everybody!

After the sessions, I had with Nasrin, my life has not been the same as it used to be. As I am self-employed, I own a small food factory and did other works as well, I used to be divided not knowing how much time to dedicate to my activities. I wondered which one could make me money.
Nasrin conducted the sessions in a very objective way by showing me how to see clearly what I liked to do most and what I didn’t.

Her sessions helped me to make decisions easier and to set goals marking the date for each step to be taken, and a date that I found possible for each step.

So with Nasrin`s help, I jumped to a place of empowerment instead of fear and insecurity. I live with more joy and energy and I can already see my business being successful and gratifying, for me and for my clients!

She is a person who dominates the profession of a coach with great professionalism and mastery. She convey confidence to people and she is a nice and  pleasant person. She is organized, serious on what she does and what is most important, she likes what she do and pass it on to us!

Sheila M. Lively

Nas’ coaching sessions helped me to gain better clarity and insight to my blocks and to who I really am so that my head connects with my heart to find my true gifts and purpose.

As a coach she is attentive, kind and compassionate. Her techniques for a breakthrough are truly powerful and effective.

Sheila Haines

Before I started working with Nasrin, I hadn’t thought much about what it was that I actually wanted from life outside of my career. I always wanted a supportive and loving relationship, but I wasn’t sure about who it was that I wanted to attract, other than someone who wanted me. Nasrin helped me learn what it was that was preventing me from reaching my highest potential and how to channel my energy into attracting everything that I wanted in life.

Since I’ve had my coaching sessions with Nas, I have been stunned by how easily everything I have wanted for so long as come to me. This has happened, I believe, by focusing my intentions and then letting the universe take care of the rest. I don’t think I would have recognized what was out there if I had not taken the time to work with Nas. She is incredibly patient and understanding, she can hone into things that make so much sense, but frame it in a way that you may have never thought about it before.

I’ve come to realize that this is a lifelong process, but I feel well on the way to my journey of attaining all my visions of what my life would be. I truly believe everyone is capable of this potential and would benefit from spending the time to speak with Nas.

Dr. L Reid

I found my sessions with Nas to be extremely beneficial. Her guidance helped me focus and recognize patterns of thoughts and subsequent behaviors that were detrimental to my wellbeing and therefore barriers to ultimate needs and wants in my life. The structured learning assignments/homework from session to session were very much appreciated and extremely useful.  These were critical to the learning process and for the development of new, positive habits to counter old negative habits. I really liked the flexibility and convenience of the sessions and the self-decision making as to when the next session was needed. Nas is very skilled and always willing to send additional tools, articles, etc. to help in the learning and growth process. I have recommended Nas to other people I have come across who are struggling with various issues in their lives and will continue to do so.