Beth Moura

I was very benefited with the sessions with Nasrin Barbic and I indicate them to everybody!

After the sessions, I had with Nasrin, my life has not been the same as it used to be. As I am self-employed, I own a small food factory and did other works as well, I used to be divided not knowing how much time to dedicate to my activities. I wondered which one could make me money.
Nasrin conducted the sessions in a very objective way by showing me how to see clearly what I liked to do most and what I didn’t.

Her sessions helped me to make decisions easier and to set goals marking the date for each step to be taken, and a date that I found possible for each step.

So with Nasrin`s help, I jumped to a place of empowerment instead of fear and insecurity. I live with more joy and energy and I can already see my business being successful and gratifying, for me and for my clients!

She is a person who dominates the profession of a coach with great professionalism and mastery. She convey confidence to people and she is a nice and  pleasant person. She is organized, serious on what she does and what is most important, she likes what she do and pass it on to us!