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Certified Transformational Life Coach
Nasrin Barbic – Certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master

Hello & Welcome to Pathway to Lasting Joy! Awaken the Greatness Within! 

Nasrin Barbic is an International Best Selling Author, Transformational Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master.  Nasrin blends traditional coaching methods, scientifically proven techniques, and deep healing through hypnotherapy and energy work to help clients release mental, physical, and spiritual blocks to success in all areas of their life.

I spent the majority of my professional life in software engineering working for NASA and GWU. In 2013, I woke up in a seemingly perfect life, feeling unhappy and confused. I became curious, how did I get here? And how can I get myself out of this? My journey took me to yoga, life coaching, hypnotherapy, and energy healing, and what I learned in the process transformed my life.

People often think their experience is coming at them from the outside in, but it’s actually coming through them from the inside out. Problem areas are a symptom of underlying hurts or limiting core beliefs that are often unconscious, but keep reasserting themselves in a variety of ways. Unaware or unhealed areas generate BIG TIME resistance and limit our ability to access solutions.

We often make choices and behave in ways that reinforce the very situations we don’t want. Until we honestly come to terms with who we are and why we make the choices we make, change cannot occur.  We’re often using our energy to try to change the people or situations in our lives, but this action renders us feeling depleted, frustrated, and angry. Our focus is in the wrong place.  Change is an inside job!

Since 2015, I have been passionate about empowering career women to tap into a greater level of lasting joy. And in doing so, they become empowered to take inspired actions and make decisions that enhance their well being. I help them reclaim their power, self-love, and access joy they have been searching for and missing in their life. Who do you know that is in a job, marriage, relationship, or a situation where they find it difficult to find their joy and is ready to discover it now?

I believe it is my duty and privilege to be of service!

If you are ready to dive in and explore your true power and possibility, I’m here to help. Not sure if this is right for you? Schedule Your Complimentary Clarity Session.

Work With Me

Through the coaching relationship with Nasrin, you will:

1- Create a clear vision for what you want out of life, so you know where you’re going and why you’re going there.

2- Remove the frustrating blocks that are holding you back and replace them with positivity, possibility, and momentum.

3- Develop a detailed action plan that will drive you to where you want to be.


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    I was very benefited with the sessions with Nasrin Barbic and I indicate them to everybody! After the sessions, I had with Nasrin, my life has not been the same as it used to be. As I am self-employed, I own a small food factory and did other works as well, I used to be divided …

    Beth Moura

    I found my sessions with Nas to be extremely beneficial. Her guidance helped me focus and recognize patterns of thoughts and subsequent behaviors that were detrimental to my wellbeing and therefore barriers to ultimate needs and wants in my life. The structured learning assignments/homework from session to session were very much appreciated and extremely useful.  …

    Dr. L Reid

    Nasrin helped me focus on my goals in a loving and gentle way.  I have taken away several real-world tactics from my experience that I use nearly every day to improve my self-love and confidence.  She also a natural when it comes to guided meditation.  I highly recommend working with Nasrin.

    Juli Briskman

    Nas has a warm, caring personality that made it easy for me to talk to her even though I was going through a difficult time in my life. Nas provided many insights, but more importantly provided me with practical action plans for dealing with situations that I struggled with in the past. As I put …

    Rebecca Wasyk

    Before I started working with Nasrin, I hadn’t thought much about what it was that I actually wanted from life outside of my career. I always wanted a supportive and loving relationship, but I wasn’t sure about who it was that I wanted to attract, other than someone who wanted me. Nasrin helped me learn …

    Sheila Haines

    Nas’ coaching sessions helped me to gain better clarity and insight to my blocks and to who I really am so that my head connects with my heart to find my true gifts and purpose. As a coach she is attentive, kind and compassionate. Her techniques for a breakthrough are truly powerful and effective.

    Sheila M. Lively